blukii Info

Location-based information
in the right place at the right time.

With blukii Info you can address your customers in the right place.

Use blukii Info to provide information and services in the desired location. You can reach customers or visitors at the right moment on their smartphone or tablet. blukii Info supports various technologies with which information can be provided. The blukii Info System consists of the three components Info Structure, Info App and Info CMS. As an Info provider, you can use the blukii Info system to provide your information and services based on location.

How does blukii Info work?

Info Structure

Technology that is placed on site to define the right place.

Info App

End user app that receives the information and informs the user.

Info CMS

Content Management System to link Info Structure and Infos.

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Why blukii offers added value.

All from a single source

If you use blukii Info, all components come from a single source and are optimally coordinated.

Easy administration

With the blukii Info CMS you can easily manage all your Infos.

Low cost

With blukii Info you only pay for what you use. So you can keep an overview of your costs.

blukii Info Structure

The right technology for different locations and diverse applications.

We refer to the technology used to provide information as a blukii Info Structure. With the blukii Info Structure, Infos can be assigned to a specific location or object. Such a location can be, for example, an exhibit in a museum or a product on a shop shelf.

blukii Beacons

The blukii Info app can automatically search for blukii beacons and display information nearby when the display is switched on.

blukii Info NFC Karten.

blukii NFC

The blukii Info App recognizes NFC tags when the user holds the smartphone close to the tag.

blukii Info Bar Codes.

QR- & Barcodes

Conventional QR and barcodes can also be used. Linked information can also be changed here.

blukii Manager - Info CMS

blukii Info CMS

Web-based content management system
to manage location-based information.

blukii Info App.

blukii Info App

The ultimate Info collector

Info Starter Kit Indoor

For a quick start to your first indoor blukii info project.

Info Starter Kit Outdoor

For a quick start to your first outdoor blukii Info project.

Diverse applications
with blukii Info.

Public transport. Information and hints at the tram station.

Smart city. Information across the city and in key locations.

Tourism. Information and offers directly on the smartphone.



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