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All beacons that use this mode can only be configured by authorized persons (authenticated via their login) with the blukii Configurator app.

blukii Smart Beacons allow encrypted transmission of the send packets (Secure Beacon) to protect against the use and imitation of location information by unauthorized third parties.

In this case, the iBeacon signal and the hardware ID (MAC address) are alienated according to a secure procedure and changed at regular time intervals.

blukii Smart Beacons contain an advanced feature to send packages in the event case (for example, a button-push or time-based).

Example Pushbutton

Advertising Interval: 200 ms
Event Trigger:        Button
Event Duration:       400 ms
Event Adv. Interval:  100 ms

Example Time-based

Advertising Interval: 200 ms
Event Trigger:        Timer
Event Duration:       400 ms
Event Adv. Interval:  100 ms
Event Timer Interval: 800 ms


iBeacon was launched by Apple in 2013 and was primarily intended as a proprietary standard for indoor location. The standard is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and is already supported from iOS 5 or Android version 4.3. In the meantime, many other solutions have emerged alongside indoor navigation, from proximity marketing and museum guides to asset tracking to smart office solutions and much more.

iBeacon Documentation

Eddystone is an open beacon format developed by Google and designed for transparency and robustness. Eddystone can be recognized by both Android and iOS devices. The Eddystone format builds on experience gained from working with industry partners in existing deployments and the broader beacon community. Different types of user data can be contained in the frame format.

Eddystone Documentation

The blukii Sensor Beacon Protocol is a proprietary transmission standard that enables the blukii sensor values to be transmitted via advertising.



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