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Connect your blukiis
to the outer world.

The next generation of blukii Hub.
Perfectly integrated in the blukii Universe.

blukii Hardware

Comprehensive IoT solutions
based on Bluetooth low-energy modules.


blukii Info

Location based Information
in the right place at the right time.

Our team for sales and engineering.

Further information about hard&softWERK GmbH can be found on the hsW company website.

blukii is an innovative kit consisting of Beacons Sensors Keys Wearables IoT Solutions based on Bluetooth low energy.

blukii offers a variety of products such as beacons, sensors, keys and wearables. This portfolio forms the basis for the efficient implementation of IoT solutions in all areas of our daily life. This includes, for example, location-based information, asset tracking, smart logistics, smart retail and smart home.

Location Based Information with blukii Info.

blukii Info is your inexpensive and effective Info and Proximity Marketing System. Provide your customers with location-based information exactly when and where they need it.

blukii Manager.

blukii Manager

The platform for administration and configuration
your blukii hardware and your blukii Infos.

About us

From the good Schneider refill
to the provider of IoT solutions.




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