Smart Key

Bluetooth based authentication.
Developed and manufactured in Germany.

Location-based security solutions
based on Bluetooth Low Energy.

blukii Smart Keys are modules that use Bluetooth low energy to communicate with surrounding devices such as a smartphone. Via the blukii Smart Key Protocol Standard, Smart Keys offer the possibility of authentication. For example, applications for securing mobile data or access controls can be implemented. Depending on the application, a security level can be selected and set. blukii Smart Keys work according to the BLE4.2 standard and are listed in the Bluetooth SIG.

Solutions with blukii Smart Keys.

blukii Notebook Protector

The blukii Notebook Protector makes compliance in the workplace very easy. When you exit, your notebook locks and is no longer accessible to anyone. When you come back, the notebook is automatically unlocked again.

Two-factor authentication

With 2-factor authentication, you can protect sensitive data from a specific app on a tablet or smartphone. Password and presence of the smart key unlock the corresponding app.
Smart Key security modes

The right security level
for every application.

Covenience Mode

In convenience mode, the blukii Smart Key can be used with several apps on mobile devices, computers or with doors or other objects at the same time. In this mode there is open communication because the blukii Smart Key is not paired with any of these devices.

Pairing Mode

In pairing mode, the Smart Key can only be used with one app on one mobile device at a time. The Smart Key is paired with the app on the mobile device using the Bluetooth standard. When the connection is ended, it is visible again.

Secure Mode

In many applications, ordinary Bluetooth pairing is not sufficient as a security standard. In this case, we offer an additional level in Secure Mode. Security-relevant data is encrypted using the blukii Secure Protocol.

Secure Mode & Action

In this mode, the Secure Mode connection is activated by a push button on the blukii Smart Key. This means that the user has control over when exactly the connection is established and the task is to be carried out as a result.

Why blukii offers added value.


The administration and configuration of blukii Smart Keys can be carried out easily and securely using the blukii Configurator App and the blukii Manager1. blukii management tools can be used free of charge.


blukii Smart Keys offer a high degree of customization and can be manufactured with individual printing or laser lettering. Our Keys can also be supplemented with add-ons and used as wearable.

Diverse applications
with blukii Smart Keys.

Compliance in the workplace. Lock computers in offices.
2-factor. Protect sensitive data on mobile devices.
Smart home. Identification and authentication in the home area.
1. No pre-configuration can be carried out for Smart Keys in the blukii Manager.



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