Smart Pen

The multifunctional ballpoint pen.
Developed and manufactured in Germany.

blukii Smart Pen. The ballpoint pen that can do more.

The multifunctional ballpoint pen with an integrated microsite editor and NFC tag. For writing and as your digital companion on the Internet – without any additional app. The development and manufacture of our blukii Smart Pen takes place exclusively in Germany.



Easy access to the content via touch. Hold the back of the blukii Smart Pen to the NFC antenna of the smartphone.

QR Code

Simply call up the content by scanning the QR code.

Bluetooth (optional)

Receipt of the content via the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) functionality of the blukii Smart Pen. Permanent or via button.

Advertising space

Thanks to its shape, the blukii Smart Pen offers very good, spacious and diverse advertising space for companies. State-of-the-art digital printing technology is used for this.


You can store your own microsite behind QR code, NFC or Bluetooth and design it yourself. The blukii Smart Pen thus has its own web presence – without monthly costs.


The blukii Smart Pen can also be delivered individually. For example, printed with your own name and photo as well as a personalized link to the microsite.

Why the blukii Smart Pen offers added value.

Traditional writing

The blukii Smart Pen is versatile and combines traditional writing in the usual top quality with the latest digital elements.

Modern digital technology

The blukii Smart Pen uses the latest digital technology and interfaces which are built into modern smartphones.

Innovative high quality digital printing

The blukii Smart Pen is printed with the most modern digital printing processes in all available color combinations of the CMYK spectrum and a resolution of up to 1200 x 1200 dpi. It is also possible to print on the Smart Pen on 3 sides.

The microsite editor.

Design your own microsite easily using the integrated editor. Add text, images, videos or even a hand drawing in no time.

Headings & texts

Hand drawings

Pictures & Videos

Moby Cards Microsite Editor
Would you like to try out the microsite editor right away?

Your microsite. Your personal profile. All of your social media channels.

With the microsite you have your personal presence on the Internet. For example, you can use the microsite as a business profile. Create your résumé and links to your business channels such as LinkedIn and Xing. Or use it as a private profile and integrate your channels from social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.

The printing areas of the blukii Smart Pen.

Diverse Applications
with blukii Smart Pens.

Smart pen as a digital diary or blog

Smart pen as a digital notebook

Smart pen as advertising space with editable content for businesses

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