Receive and process beacon data.
Developed and manufactured in Germany.

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Monitoring and tracking
of blukii Beacons.

With the blukii Hub, data of surrounding Smart Beacons and Sensor Beacons can be received and processed. Depending on the used beacon and the configured settings, various scenarios such as sensor monitoring, asset tracking or event monitoring can be realised. The blukii Hub is designed for use with blukii beacons and delivers, in combination with Smart Beacons and Sensor beacons, results quickly and easily.

Features & Functions

Asset Tracking

Tracking of objects in different storage rooms.

Sensor Monitoring

Collect sensor data from blukii Sensor Beacons.

Event Monitoring

Recording and forwarding of Smart Beacon events.

Admin Panel

Easy configuration via the Hub Admin Panel.


The blukii Hub can always be kept up to date via its update function.

Why blukii offers added value.

Collaboration & Developer Support

We would be happy to work with you to optimally adapt the blukii Hub platform to your needs, to further develop and improve it.

All from a single source

If you use the blukii Hub in conjunction with blukii Smart Beacons or blukii Sensor Beacons, all components come from a single source and are optimally coordinated.

Diverse applications
with the blukii Hub.

Asset tracking. Tracking of tools in production halls.

Sensor monitoring. Monitoring of environmental conditions in the laboratory.

Event monitoring. Track medication intake.



Our support team will be happy to help you with any questions.

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