blukii Manager - Device Management

Device Management

Management and configuration
of blukii Beacons.

Beacon management made easy.

With the Device Management Module, the blukii Manager platform gives you a tool with which you can easily manage and configure your devices. Herewith you have an overview of all your blukiis1 and their configuration. You also can make device settings directly in the browser and synchronize these later on site with your devices2 to set the blukiis to the desired setting.

Possible Settings

Tx Power





blukii Sensor Beacon Protocol

Event Beacon

Secure Beacon


Configurator App

The configuration on site is carried out with the Configurator app. The changes made in the blukii Manager can be transferred to the corresponding beacons. Changes made in the app are transferred to the blukii Manager.

blukii Configurator App.

blukii Manager Pricing

Device Management



Info CMS


per Month

1. blukiis must first be added to the account using the activation code.
2. The blukii Configurator app is required for synchronization and configuring on site.
3. An Infoblukii corresponds to a blukii assigned to an Info. Calculation from an active time of 24 hours.



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