Sensor Beacon

Sensor values available everywhere.
Developed and manufactured in Germany.

A variety of sensor data, available anywhere through BLE.

blukii Sensor Beacons are Bluetooth transmitters that, in addition to their own ID, also send sensor values to surrounding devices. In addition to a magnetometer and an acceleration sensor, blukii Sensor Beacons also have environmental sensors for temperature, humidity, air pressure and light. The data can be received and processed by end devices such as a smartphone or blukii Hub. blukii Sensor Beacons work according to the BLE4.2 standard and are listed in the Bluetooth SIG.


Versatile advertising options
for optimal settings.

The individual sensor values are assigned to the Magnetometer, Acceleration and Environment frames and are sent one after the other. By selecting and deselecting the advertising frames and adapting the advertising interval, the blukii Sensor Beacon can be optimally set depending on the application in terms of transmission interval or battery life.


Acceleration in the X, Y and Z directions


Magnetism in the X, Y and Z directions


Temperature, humidity, air pressure & light


UUID, Major, Minor & Measured Power

Features & Protocols

blukii Sensor Beacon Protocol

Transmission of sensor data in the advertising frames Environmental, Magnetometer and Acceleration.

Secure Connect

Secure one-click connection with your blukiis for easy configuration.


Compatible with the iBeacon protocol standard.

Why blukii offers added value.


We offer all blukii Sensor Beacons with individually preconfigured parameters from small quantities. As a customer, you receive Sensor Beacons that are optimally tailored to your project.


The management and configuration of blukii Sensor Beacons can be carried out easily and securely using the blukii Configurator app and the blukii Manager. blukii management tools can be used free of charge.


blukii Sensor Beacons offer a high degree of customization and can be manufactured with individual printing or laser inscription. They can also be supplemented with add-ons and used as wearables.

Diverse Applications
with blukii Sensor Beacons.

Room conditions. Monitoring of air humidity during ripening processes.

Transport telemetry. Monitoring of temperature in the cold chain.

Room conditions. Monitoring air pressure in the laboratory.



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