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The blukii Product Line

High-quality and comprehensive BLE-Beacons.
Developed and manufactured in Germany.

blukii Smart Beacon

Identification of places and objects.

SKU 300041-01

Smart Beacon Go Mini

SKU 300040-01

Smart Beacon Go 500

SKU 300042-01

Smart Beacon Go 1000

SKU 300045-01

Smart Beacon Box 5200

SKU 300047-01

Smart Beacon Box 10800

SKU 300054-01

Smart Beacon Box 230V

SKU 300105-01

Smart Beacon Wear 500

SKU 300043-01

Smart Beacon Wear 1000

SKU 300044-01

Smart Beacon Stick 3000

SKU 300049-01

Smart Beacon Outdoor Mini 5400

SKU 300038-01

Smart Beacon Outdoor Extreme 4000
blukii Sensor Beacon

Sensor values available everywhere.

SKU 300055-01

Sensor Beacon Go Mini
blukii Smart Key

Bluetooth based authentication.

blukii Add-ons

Easily transform blukii
modules into wearables.

SKU 300057-01

Drop Go Mini

SKU 300056-01

Drop Go 500

SKU 300182-01

Key Fob Go 1000

SKU 300107-01

Key Fob Go 500
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