blukii Manager - Info CMS

blukii Info CMS

Web-based content management system for managing location-based information.

Location-based information with blukii Infos and blukii Tours.

With the blukii Info CMS module integrated in the blukii Manager, you can easily provide location-based information. In the Info CMS you can link and manage your content with the blukii Info Structure. You can create and provide individual blukii Infos or you can group a whole collection of blukii Infos in one blukii Tour. blukii Tours also offer the advantage that they can also be downloaded by the user and used offline1.

Features & Functions


Reach your customers with single information.


Put together a tour with a downloadable1 collection of Infos.

Output media

The Info CMS provides many different output media.

blukii Beacons

blukii beacons automatically transmit information to the user without the user having to take an active action.

blukii NFC

NFC is another very convenient way to make information available in a specific location.

Bar- & QR-Codes

Provide your information via bar or QR codes.

Info CMS
output media

blukii Info App.

blukii Info App

The ultimate Info collector.


blukii Info

Location based Information
in the right place at the right time.

blukii Manager Pricing

Device Management



Info CMS


per Month

Diverse Applications
with blukii Info.

Public transport. Information and hints at the tram station.
Smart city. Information across the city and in key locations.
Tourism. Information and offers directly on the smartphone.

1. Output media types Website, YouTube and MobyCards are not downloadable.
2. An Infoblukii corresponds to a blukii assigned to an Info. Calculation from an active time of 24 hours.



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