blukii Location Based Services 

Data, information and targeted initiatives exactly at the spot when and wherever you need it. 

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NEW blukii Wearables

Perfect for you everyday life - stylish and effective

blukii Hardware

Smart hardware for location based solutions


On the spot:
Info & proximity systems with
blukii Smart Beacon. Made In Germany.


Flexibility matters:
Gather sensor values wireless from the portable
blukii Sensor Beacon. Made In Germany.


Better safe than sorry:
The easy way to secure your digital and physical world - blukii Smart Key. Made In Germany.


Smart on the go:
Always have your blukiis with you and discover completely new applications.
Made in Germany.


blukii data collection made easy:
Sensor Monitoring - Asset tracking -
Alarm button.
Made in Germany.


Easy management:
Your platform for convenient management and configuration of your blukii products.
Made in Germany.

blukii Info

blukii Info ist Ihr kostengünstiges und effektives Info- und Proximity Marketing System.
Überraschen Sie Ihre Gäste und Kunden mit individuellen Ansprachen und Infos genau dann wenn sie diese brauchen.

blukii Security Solutions

Easily protect your data on tablets, smartphones and computers with the blukii Smart Key
in combination with our Security Solutions and don't worry about compliance anymore.

blukii 2-Factor-Authentication

What protects your money in the bank can also protect your sensitive data in your app. In 2-factor authentication, the blukii Smart Key stands for the card and thus fulfills the second factor comfortably in the background.

blukii Notebook Protector

Protect your data safely and comfortably on your computer with the blukii notebook protector and the blukii Smart Key.
Leave your PC - it locks, come back - it reopens - all automatically.

Areas of application

Upgrade your business with blukii and start your journey in the digital age.

Offer your visitors a remarkable experience. blukii helps you to create unforgettable moments. 

One step closer to the city of the future! Develop your city with blukii.

blukii: Custom made

Are you in need of a special application or product? 
One that is able to endure external shocks, vibrations, dust and harsh conditions?

Tell us about your ideas and needs and we will try to help you. 
We are experts in the development of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) modules and have a sound expertise in the following areas:

 Beacons - Sensors - Keys - Tags - Wearables

 Firmware - Software - Apps

 blukii - Make it your own

Transparency creates trust! 

Voluntary self-commitment for the protection of privacy.


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