blukii Location Based Services 

Data, information and targeted initiatives exactly at the spot when and wherever you need it. 

Explore our products and services and let us help you to put your project into action.

blukii Sensor Beacon

Flexibility matters: Gather sensor values wireless from the portable
blukii Sensor Beacon. Made In Germany.

blukii Smart Key

Better safe than sorry: The easy way to secure your digital and physical world - 
blukii Smart Key. Made In Germany.

blukii Solutions

We have developed a whole series of various location based solutions,
which can be perfectly used in combination with our hardware products.
Find out more about our solutions and start your blukii project today or just be inspired to create your own project.

blukii 2-Factor-Authentication

The system that already protects your money in an ATM, can also protect your confidential data in an App. The blukii Smart Key will stand for your card and performs its duty as the second factor, besides the password, in the background.

blukii Info

blukii Info is your info and proximity marketing system. Surprise your guests and customers with helpful information and individual offers right at the spot and time when they need it the most.

blukii Notebook Protector

Protect your confidential data on your computer in a comfortable way with the blukii Notebook Protector. Once you are leaving, your computer will lock. When you come back it will unlock - everything automatic and hands-free.

Areas of application

Upgrade your business with blukii and start your journey in the digital age.

Offer your visitors a remarkable experience. blukii helps you to create unforgettable moments. 

One step closer to the city of the future! Develop your city with blukii.

blukii: Custom made

Are you in need of a special application or product? 
One that is able to endure external shocks, vibrations, dust and harsh conditions?

Tell us about your ideas and needs and we will try to help you. 
We are experts in the development of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) modules and have a sound expertise in the following areas:

 Beacons - Sensors - Keys - Tags - Wearables

 Firmware - Software - Apps

 blukii - Make it your own

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