Der blukii Notebook Protector

Compliance made easy at your work station.
Protect your data without effort - Hands-free 

The blukii Notebook Protector attracts through its simplicity:

When you leave your notebook, it will lock. Once you return, it will unlock.
Everything automatic - everything hands-free.

The blukii Notebook Protector will raise an alarm when an unauthorized user tries to access your notebook.

blukii Sperrbildschirm auf einem MacBook. Es ist kein Zugriff möglich.
Der Alarm des blukii Notebook Protectors  wurde auf einem MacBook ausgelöst.
Zugriff gestattet. Der blukii Notebook Protector hat Verbindung zum blukii smart Key und somit den Zugriff erlaubt.

An acoustic and visual alarm will be activated when someone touches the keyboard, uses the mouse,
takes away the charger or closes the operating notebook.

The Notebook Protector provides you with important information to take appropriate actions. 

Setup your e-mail address to be directly informed when someone tries to access your notebook.

Receive a picture taken by a virtual watchman with your notebooks’ webcam.

Wenn Sie die Fotofunktion an Ihrem blukii Notebook Protector nutzen wird im Alarmfall ein Foto über die Kamera am Computer geschossen!

Perfectly integrated in your work life.

Make use of our Wearables and always have your Smart Key with you.