blukii 2-Factor-Authentication for apps

Maximum data security with maximum comfort.  

2-Factor-Authentication with the blukii Smart Key

Protect your confidential data on your tablet or smart phone.

The same principle which is protecting our money at an ATM can now protect our confidential data on the smart phone or tablet.

The pin number will be replaced by a password and the card by the blukii Smart Key.
Thus the blukii Smart Key makes 2-Factor Authentication possible on smart devices and grants convenient and safe access to a specific app.

All you have to do is to enter your password and have the blukii Smart Key with you. The second factor authentication happens automatically in the background without users having to consciously go through the authentication.

As a result of the blukii 2-Factor-Authentication two hardly compatible goals are reached:

Data protection and user comfort!

How does the blukii 2-Factor-Authentication work?


Factor 1: Open the app and
enter your password.

blukii Smart Key

Factor 2: The app automatically starts
looking for the related Smart Key in the background. You just have to bring it with you.

Data access

Result: Once both factors are fulfilled
you will get full access to the app

What security levels are available?

You can choose between four different operating modes - Convenience Mode, Pairing Mode, Secure Mode oder Push-Secure-Mode:

Convenience Mode

When the blukii Smart Key is operating in the convenience mode it can connect to various apps on different devices, computers, doors and other security related devices at the same time. Accordingly there’s an open communication as there is no Bluetooth pairing required.

Pairing Mode

When operating in secure mode, the blukii Smart Key is going to be paired via Bluetooth Smart and therefore can only access one app/counterpart at a time. It is only visible when it’s not paired with its counterpart.

Secure Mode

The standard Bluetooth pairing is sometimes just not safe enough for specific applications. That’s why the High-Secure-Mode is providing a security layer on top of the Bluetooth pairing. Thanks to the added „ISO/IEC 9798-2 TWO-PASS MUTUAL AUTHENTICATION PROTOCOLs“all security related data is protected via Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a symmetrical 128-Bit encryption.

Secure Mode + Aktion

The High-Secure-Mode and the transmission of information in general are going to be activated by pressing the pushbutton on the large blukii Smart Key. You decide when the High-Secure-Mode should be activated and therefore its related task be executed.  As a result there won’t be any uncontrolled action by only reaching a specific area.

What happens when the connection with the
blukii smart Key has been lost?

When the connection is lost the app automatically closes and secures the data from unauthorized access.

Without password and blukii Smart Key the app can’t be opened.

Accordingly you will experience a physical damage in form of your device when you lose your smart phone or when it is stolen but you don’t have to worry that someone will have access to your confidential data.

Safe your data and your app with the
blukii Smart Key SDK

Integrate our blukii Smart Key SDK in your app and enjoy data security at a maximum level of convenience. 

Always with you!

Use our wearables and have your blukii Smart Key always by your side.