blukii Smart Key

Location based security solutions with
blukii Smart Key. Made in Germany.

blukii Smart Key

One key to protect your digital and real world.

The blukii Smart Key is your specially protected Bluetooth® Key to protect your digital data on your computer or tablet, your doors and gates and everything else what you love and care about.
Thanks to various security modes it is adjustable to your safety needs.
It is extremely well-suited for applications such as 2-Factor-Authentication or access control systems.

What level of security do you need for your application?

Is a normal Bluetooth pairing sufficient for your solution or are you in need of an extra level of protection?

The blukii Smart Key is the right solution for both cases as it will fulfill the demands of people who don’t think that Bluetooth is safe enough. 

Your specific need of security is important to us and therefore the blukii Smart Key can operate in different modes.

I need a secured connection

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I don't need a key,
I need a Beacon

blukii Smart Key Portfolio

Smart Key Go Mini

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Smart Key Go Mini
0,1s - 0,05 Jahre; 0,5s - 0,23 Jahre; 1s - 0,4 Jahre
50 m
Real-Time-Clock (RTC)  /  rote LED
25 EUR

Smart Key Go 500

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Smart Key Go 500
0,1s - 0,11 Jahre; 0,5s - 0,53 Jahre 1s - 1,06 Jahre
100 m
Real-Time-Clock (RTC)  /  rote LED  /  Pushbutton
30 EUR

Security levels of the blukii Smart Key

The blukii Smart Key can operate in one of the following security modes


When the blukii Smart Key is operating in the convenience mode it can connect to various apps on different devices, computers, doors and other security related devices at the same time. Accordingly there’s an open communication as there is no Bluetooth pairing required.


When operating in secure mode, the blukii Smart Key is going to be paired via Bluetooth Smart and therefore can only access one app/counterpart at a time. It is only visible when it’s not paired with its counterpart.


The standard Bluetooth pairing is sometimes just not safe enough for specific applications. That’s why the High-Secure-Mode is providing a security layer on top of the Bluetooth pairing, where all security related data is protected via Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a symmetrical 128-Bit encryption.

High-Secure-Mode + Aktion

The High-Secure-Mode and the transmission of information in general are going to be activated by pressing the pushbutton on the large blukii Smart Key. You decide when the High-Secure-Mode should be activated and therefore its related task be executed.  As a result there won’t be any uncontrolled action by only reaching a specific area.

How can you use the blukii Smart Key?

blukii Solutions with the blukii Smart Key

The blukii Notebook Protector offers comfortable protection for your data on your laptop or computer. Once you leave your computer with your blukii Smart Key, the screen will lock automatically and as soon as you are coming back it will unlock again - hands-free. It is predestined for you and your company, when compliance is of high importance to you or when you are working in a shared office environment with many open eyes.

Business is becoming more customer-focused and as a result most deals are made at the customer and not in the office. The problem is now that sensible data is taken out of its safe environment - the company. 
Don't compromise when it’s about sensible data and protect your Business App with the blukii 2-Factor-Authentication and the blukii Smart Key.