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blukii and Schneider Schreibgeräte GmbH 

A fruitful combination: startup and traditional company

blukii is your innovative hardware kit consisting of Wearables, Beacons, Sensors, Keys and Tags. This kit is the foundation for the efficient implementation of new location based services in the most promising areas of our life: Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, digital and physical security, Smart Retail, Smart Transport, Smart Home, etc. – i.e. your own idea! 

On the one hand we are a hardware manufacturer and supplier with the goal that our blukiis will be used nationwide and therefore push the digitization forward every day. Thanks to our huge portfolio we are the perfect contact for everybody – private person or global player. We trust in our own competencies but also have a great network of valuables partners. We are acting as problem solvers and therefore develop software solutions which complement our hardware. For sure we are happy to help you to implement your own idea. As we have the complete production process under our own control we are able to serve your preferences and wishes individually.

blukii is far from being a normal startup, because we are part of a very successful traditional medium-sized and family-run company from the beautiful black forest in southern Germany. 2010 blukii was born as the new innovative business unit of Schneider Schreibgeräte GmbH.

Schneider Schreibgeräte is run in 3rd generation. For almost 80 years we have been manufacturing writing instruments, which meet the highest demands in quality, writing comfort and longevity. We want to monitor our manufacturing process any time so that we can continuously optimize it to guarantee the high quality of our products. We develop and produce our products almost exclusively in Germany. This is the best way for us to ensure the high quality of products and secure compliance with the complex German ecological and social standards. All of our actions are transparent and self-controlled.

Blukii is committed to the same approach and is producing almost exclusively in the Black Forest. Schneider is operating in more than 100 countries worldwide and generated sales of approximately € 62 million in 2015.

Even though we life in the age of iPad and smart phones, Schneider believes that handwriting is something special, something that characterizes people and something eternal. Due to the progressive process of digitalization the markets and sales channels are changing. As a result the new innovative business unit “blukii” was founded in 2010. With blukii Schneider is diversifying its portfolio and offering Bluetooth Low Energy modules and software solutions.


Ahead of the curve: From screws and turned parts
to a successful manufacturer of writing instruments with a second pillar for the future. 

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