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Discover the magic of location-based information

Which person are you?

blukii Info User

You want to receive extra information and services exactly
at the place where they are relevant to you?

For example...:
- at the exhibits in the museum
- in the shopping center and while shopping in the supermarket
- in front of tourist attractions & city tours
- in public transport or institutions
- on trails and outdoor learning paths
- at Events (Sports, Music, culture,...)
- and much more

blukii Info Manager

You want to build your own information system and reach your customers and guests directly on their smartphone with your content?

blukii Info gives you the opportunity to provide your information
and services at the right place and time.
Various (radio) technologies can be used for this purpose.

Create your own information system in just a few simple steps
- whether private person or manager of a large corporation.

Bring it to the point with blukii Info.