blukii Info Manager

The blukii Info CMS is your comfortable blukii Content Management System.

On the platform you can register and manage all your blukii products, such as Beacons, NFC Tags or QR- and barcodes.

Easily add new blukii Infos by linking an URL with the blukii number on your module. You can also change the content of an existing blukii Info.

The process of providing information to your customers is very easy and self-explanatory.

Just test it! Register today and start your free month.

At blukii you don’t have to worry about misuse of data.
The blukii Info CMS only links your data; it is stored on your preferred storage.

Let your content, ideas and information appear exactly where your customers need it.

blukii Info for Info Managers in 3 simple steps

Schritt 1 von 3 zum blukii Info Provider: blukii Produkte kaufen

1) Buy blukii Info Structure

Schritt 2 von 3 zum blukii Info Provider: Verwaltung der blukii Info Struktur mit dem blukii Info Manager

2) Assign content with the blukii Info CMS

Schritt 3 von 3 zum blukii Info Provider: Platzieren Sie die blukii Info Struktur an dem Ort an dem Ihre Information zur Verfügung stehen soll

3) Place blukii Info Structure 

blukii Info Structure                                        

The blukii Info Structure is the foundation of blukii Info as it is assigning information to a specific location.
Accordingly the Info Manager can control which information will be available at what location (i.e. at the product).

You can choose or mix the following technologies:

blukii Beacon

blukii Beacon are automatically transmitting information to customers and guests without them having to do anything – very comfortable and with a high hit rate. 

Beacon are permanently transmitting their ID number via Bluetooth Low Energy. Smartphones with the blukii Info App installed can gather these beacon ids and check if they are linked to content in the blukii Info CMS. If the answer is yes, your customers will receive a notification.

blukii NFC

NFC (Near field communication) is another very comfortable possibility to provide information at a specific location.

Contrary to the automatically transmitting Beacon; the customer has to activate the module first before the information can be collected. Therefore an NFC-ready smart phone is needed that is brought in the short range (1-3cm) of the NFC module.

NFC modules can be very small and don’t need a battery because they gather their energy via electromagnetic induction from the smart phone in their range.

EAN & CR-Code

blukii creates smart barcodes! Normally barcodes only show the price or product information via Google Search.

Now manufacturers can decide what they want to show their customers when they scan the barcode with the blukii Info App. blukii offers a new advertising channel to manufacturers, because they can link their barcodes with the blukii Info CMS and provide their customers with individual content. Therefore even the barcode can be used as a marketing tool.

With blukii Info QR codes are flexible and its content can be changed whenever it’s needed.

Please contact us if you want to get a flexible QR code or register your barcodes.

blukii Info unterstützt auch Nearby von Google

Even after Google's decision to discontinue Nearby, blukii Info continues to support Google's Physical Web! Thus, content and information can also be received without the blukii Info App (corresponding third-party app is required).

blukii Info Starter Kit

We made it easy for you and prepared two start kits to test blukii Info.

blukii Info Starter Kit

We made it easy for you and prepared two starter kits to test blukii Info.

blukii Info Starter Kit Indoor

The blukii Info starter kit Indoor contains:
- 3 x blukii Info BeaconBox 5200 
- 1 x  blukii Info NFC Card
- 3 x blukii Info Sticker
- 3 x Mounting kit
- 1 month free usage of the blukii Info CMS

blukii Info Starter Kit Outdoor

The blukii Info Starter Kit Indoor contains:
- 3 x blukii Info BeaconBox Outdoor 5400 
- 1 x  blukii Info NFC Card
- 3 x blukii Info Sticker
- 3 x Mounting kit
- 1 month free usage of the blukii Info CMS

blukii Info CMS                                          

The blukii Info CMS is your content management system for your blukii Info Structure.

With the blukii Info CMS you will be the master of your information and able to decide where and when your information is available.
As an Info Manager all you have to do is to link your content in form of an URL to your blukii Info Structure. 

Bild des webbasierten blukii Info Managers mit passender Erklärung

Add new blukii Info

Each blukii has its own number with which information can be linked.

The so-called blukii number can be found on the front of the info structure or attached to a sticker.
Select the desired blukiis and assign them with one click of information. It is now possible to assign several blukiis to an info.

Try to fill out all the fields, it will benefit you later and you will find your blukiis faster.

You have the opportunity to give the blukii a name and a short description. You can also link to a photo, which is displayed as a preview image in the app.

With thumbnails you can either indicate the content or advertise your logo and present your brand.

Eine Lupe vergrößerten den Teil der Zeigt, wie man im blukii Info Manager neue Infos hinzufügen kann.

Link content

In the next section you have to choose which type of data shall be uploaded.

Currently the blukii Info CMS supports the following types:

Folgende Medientypen können im blukii Info Manager verlinkt werden: Messages, Youtube-Videos, HTML-Seiten, PDFs, Audio & Video-Dateien, Wifi Zugangsdaten, VCards und MobyCards

After selecting the information type, only the link of the info must be copied to the corresponding field.

This enables us to ensure that your information stays with you and thus are safe.

In other words, the info stays on your server.

It is also possible to store the information in three languages if available: German - English - French (more will follow)

You should fill in the "Title" field as it will be displayed in the notification and in the app as a description of the information.

Save and go! We wish you lots of fun and good luck with your blukii Info project.

Place your blukii Info Structure                                

Beispiele der Platzierung der blukii Info Produkte - an einer Spritzgussmaschine, im Kleidungsgeschäft und im Museum

Once you have received your blukii Info Structure you have to define the location where you would like to make your information available. You alone decide where the information is accessible.

Right at the machine in the production – at the product in the store – at the exhibit in the museum – at a sight in the city and everywhere where you are allowed to place the blukii Info Structure.

The blukii modules are easy to mount with screws or glue.

blukii Info prices

Flexibility is king; you only pay for what you consume.
We only charge you with a small fixed price per registered and active blukii.
The price per piece is decreasing with the amount of registered blukii modules.

Logo der "BASIC" Preisklasse von blukii  Info

Amount of blukii Infos: 1-9 

Price per registered blukii Info per month: 
1,50 Euro gross

Logo der STANDARD Preisklasse von blukii Info

Amount of blukii Infos: 10-49 

Price per registered blukii Info per month: 
1,40 Euro gross

Logo der PRO Preisklasse von blukii Info

Amount of blukii Infos: 50-99 

Price per registered blukii Info per month: 
1,30 Euro gross

Logo der ENTERPRISE Preisklasse von blukii Info

Amount of blukii Infos: 100-499 

Price per registered blukii Info per month: 
1,20 Euro gross

Logo der ULTIMATE Preisklasse von blukii Info

Amount of blukii Infos:  500+ 

Wow, that’s a huge project! Please contact us and we are happy to make you an individual offer.

blukii Info White Label or SDK

You like the blukii Info system but you prefer to have it in your own design?

blukii Info as White Label in your design

You are sold on blukii Info and would like to make use of it for yourself or your customers?

We can replace the blukii design of the app and integrate your logo and corporate design instead. 

On request we customize the app and if you wish even the backend.

You can use the info system as a standard user, for example in your show room or as an admin who can manage and bill its users on its own.

Do you already have your own app? You can upgrade it with the blukii Info SDK

Use the functions of blukii Info and integrate our SDK in your app.

Thus make your app a multi technology scanner or just integrate some specific features.