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blukii Location Based Services

Nowadays people are more and more dependent on information and news and they don’t want to miss out on it. One of the major issues is the insane flood of data which is stressing our senses every day to the max. Accordingly there is a high demand in differentiating between relevant and irrelevant information.

Services that are able to bring order in the data chaos are called location based services (LBS). LBS make use of the situation a person is in and provide exactly the needed service  at the right location and time. At blukii we mainly make use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based LBS but there are many more different technologies that can be used. 

What are location based services and how do they work?

Location based services are mobile services, which do provide selected information or other services based on the location data of a user. As of now the user needs to have a smart device to be able to make use of LBS.

1.) The user is entering a specific area.
2.) The phone receives a signal and is comparing it with a connected backend (i.e. via an app).
3.) As a result the user will be able to make use of a service, which is specifically based on it's
current location.

How do location based services by blukii work and where are they applicable?


Transform Big Data in Smart Data by defining the location where the information is most interesting/ valuable.


Protect all your belongings and gain access to them by entering a defined area.

Sensor Data Logging

Sensor values exactly at the location where they are needed – portable, fast, without cable 


Asset Tracking or detection of presence in a certain area.

Solutions for all kinds of industries.
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How can location based services make your company more efficient?

Most companies dream of the ultimate and complete solution when it comes to Industry 4.0; a solution which pushes them forward in a new age without jeopardizing their budget. This solution shouldn’t cause a hard change that will affect too many systems and processes which could stress and overstrain the employees.

Sometimes less is more and therefore way more effective. Thanks to the variety, the modular approach and the easy implementation blukii allows you to digitize your company steadily. blukii doesn’t change existing processes directly but is operated as an additional supportive system which helps to create more efficient processes. Transform your BigData with blukii solutions into SmartData

How can LBS be used in malls and retail in general?

 Offer your customers extra benefits with location based services, such as additional product information, coupons and vouchers, raffles entertainment and more.

Make it easy for them to find their preferred store pretty fast with the help of "Indoor Navigation" and allow kids to play around while parents relax in the restaurant. Thanks to the "Kids-Finder" function they will have an overview where their loved ones are.

How can LBS help to make your city smarter?

Interactive city guides, information about the city, sights, museums, hotels, restaurants and shopping opportunities – blukii is happy to help you build a nice and holistic system.

How can LBS help Tourism and food services?

Provide your customers with beneficial information in the right situation:

tourist information, sightseeing information, scavenger hunts, menus, specials, etc.