• Mann schaut nachdenklich aus dem Fenster
    What if somebody is reading my mails
    on my PC right now?
  • Frau sieht auf Ihren PC
    ... or checks into my PC
    while I'm away?
  • Frau im Büro
    What’s on my PC is my business only.
  • Gruppe in Büro
    Do you really want to share
    your personal Data with your colleagues?
  • Frau sucht Schlüssel
    Where are my keys?
  • Frau sucht Auto
    Where did I park the car?

blukii. My e-life

Smartphones, tablets, notebooks and the Internet are changing the world. In addition to our “real life,” we’re increasingly creating an “e-life.”

New dangers in our "e-lives" become new threats in the "real life". Making use of the new possibilities and simultaneously avoiding new dangers: This is what blukii stands for.

blukii. New Solutions.

Notebook protector, key protector

Protect your e-life

Safety first. Our first blukii NEW SOLUTIONS are alarm devices to protect the data on your notebooks. They also serve as alarm devices or search tools for your keys. They provide additional safety. Very simple. Very comfortable. Very blukii.

blukii NEW SOLUTIONS are alarm devices or search tools for our e-life. For more information see NEW SOLUTIONS -button.

blukii. Wearables

band, key fob, pocket pen, clip, badge, shoe fob, pen

Fashion your e-life.

We have integrated technology modules such as Beacons, Sensors and Tags into the blukii. Technologies become easily and discreetly wearable. Thus "High-tech" increasingly meets "fashion" in our e-life.

blukii Wearables are the (fashionable) accessories for our e-life. For more information see WEARABLES button.

blukii. Beacons

installable, pluggable, wearable – battery, socket or usb

Enjoy your e-life

BEACONS are transmitters in „real life“ (goods, facilities, people), which interface via Bluetooth Smart and send a continuous stream of information to your e-life (smartphone, tablet, notebook). This offers completely new opportunities. Have fun experimenting.

blukii Beacons are electronic lighthouses in our e-life. For more information see BEACONS button.

blukii. Sensors

acceleration, tilt, magnetic field, temperature,
air pressure, humidity, light, identification, distance

Upgrade your e-life

Use a variety of sensors to upgrade your e-life. Even when we are unable to "keep our eyes and ears open", we can enhance our “feel" for what happens around us because blukii Sensors are the senses of our e-life. For more information see SENSORS button.

blukii. Keys


Use the blukii Key additionally to your password to double the protection (Two-factor authentication) of your data. Finally you don`t protect your money with the PIN only - but rather additionally with your bank card.

blukii Keys are the keys for your e-life. For more information push KEYS button.

blukii. Tags

Near field communication (NFC)

Simplify your e-life

Technology can be quite awkward and complicated sometimes - even in our e-life. blukii Smart Tags can change that. For example, by simply holding them close to another device they will do exactly what they are supposed to do.

blukii Tags are enhance our "feel" of our e-life. For more information see TAGS button.

blukii. Shop

Convenient. Cost-effective. Worldwide.

You can order the software for the blukii NEW SOLUTIONS directly at the blukii SHOP, the App Store or at Google Play. The hardware for the blukii NEW SOLUTIONS in the form of WEARABLES, BEACONS, SENSORS & TAGS is available exclusively in the blukii SHOP. For more information see NEW SOLUTIONS.


blukii. Build the future.

Realize your own NEW SOLUTION

The future consists of many individual NEW SOLUTIONS - the blukii NEW SOLUTIONS and NEW SOLUTIONS of other developers, companies and entrepreneurs.

blukii is the hardware kit for creating NEW SOLUTIONS in all areas of e-life (incl. Smart Home, Smart Fitness, Health Monitoring, Ambient Assisted Living, Mobile Device Security, Indoor Navigation, Location Based Services), Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and other areas of the future.

We provide app developers, companies and entrepreneurs with our extensive blukii hardware kit. You can then create your own NEW SOLUTIONS with the blukii WEARABLES, BEACONS, SENSORS & TAGS quickly and inexpensively. This makes blukii so unique. Build the future. With blukii.

blukii is the innovation- and business- accelerator in our e-life. For more information see Support.


blukii. Customer experiences

for Applied Computer Sciences (FIT)

We use Bluetooth Smart Beacons ("iBeacons") for working in the field of M-commerce with our in-house context engine for room recognition (indoor navigation) on smartphones. In addition to a reliable basic function we required a sturdy design, a long battery life and good configurability. We ultimately decided in favour of blukii Smart Beacons. They meet all our requirements and can be ordered pre-configured from the factory. This is a real time saver, especially when ordering in large batches. We are very happy that we came across a German manufacturer, which paid off in terms of fast communication and fast delivery.

Dr. Leif Oppermann

Head of “Mixed and Augmented Reality Solutions”

The Department of Mixed and Augmented Reality Solutions (MARS) of the Fraunhofer FIT focuses on research and development of new forms of interaction and mobile, location-based applications beyond the traditional desktop metaphor. In research projects and on behalf of our business customers, we combine digital information with our natural environment through the use of different devices and positioning techniques.

Business Innovation GmbH

Audi unite is an innovative mobility concept for progressive customers. Audi unite refashions premium mobility as a personalised micro-sharing experience. Up to five people, be they friends, colleagues or neighbours, can share the use of an Audi. Audi unite is a unique concept supported by of state-of-the-art technology. Drivers are assisted by an interactive app which guarantees seamless reservation and use of the car. Furthermore a personalised bluetooth Audi unite beacon recognises the different drivers of the Audi to ensure precise and personalised calculation of the costs. Besides the general quality requirements, compact size and long battery life were also essential features. The blukii Beacon provided both of them. Last but not least, direct communication paths between all project partners facilitated quick and complete implementation of application-specific firmware modifications. www.audiunite.com

iPhone driver log book
with blukii Beacon

The iPhone Fahrtenbuch (driver log book) is the most successful driver log book in the iPhone AppStore and our best-known product. As the very first driver log book in the AppStore, it currently enjoys wide popularity amongst a very large number of enthusiastic users. We have received various awards for it. In particular, the straightforward and intuitive operation has been praised time and again in extremely positive reviews by our customers. This has motivated us to further improve what is already a very user-friendly product – using iBeacons.

This technology is particularly suited to owners of several vehicles as it solves the problem of "manually" switching over to another vehicle in the iPhone driver log book. The driver log book automatically selects the correct vehicle for every trip. The iBeacon can also be selected as the Start | Stop indicator for the Autostart function.

With the Beacon hardware kit, blukii offers the most diverse assortment of Beacons in the world. Its contents can be purchased around the globe from the company's own e-Shop. Moreover, there's always an expert on hand to help us with the software development if need be. This lets us focus on the development and marketing of our apps. And our customers always get the hardware which perfectly complements our software. We're delighted we've found such a partner in Germany and are very much looking forward to working with him. www.iPhone-Fahrtenbuch.com

blukii. Listening

and helping

Tell us about your ideas, concepts, strategies, wishes and problems. Call us, write us or visit us. We will listen and try to help where we can. This is what blukii stands for.

blukii. Inspiring


Let yourself be inspired by us. By new solutions. By new wearables. By new beacons. By new sensors. By new tags. By the blukii newsletter.

blukii. InnovationWorkshop

The unique innovation accelerator, blukii, is a hardware kit comprising wearables, beacons, sensors, keys and tags, and is complemented by new software solutions such as blukii Notebook Protector, blukii Key Protector, blukii Key (two-factor authentication), blukii Info and blukii Sensor.

The blukii hardware kit is the basis for implementing new solutions to previously unsolvable problems quickly, cost-effectively and reliably – in product development, sales and marketing, service or logistics. It is targeted at app developers, companies, museums, municipalities, cities and anyone else who wants to turn a good idea into an application for the Internet of Things, Smart Home, Smart Fitness, Ambient Assistant Living, Industry 4.0 or Location Based Services.

You come to us:
The next blukii InnovationWorkshop takes place on demand. The number of participants is limited to 8. Participation is free.

We come to you:
If you're a bigger company with plenty of inventive employees, we can come to you and hold our blukii InnovationWorkshop at your company instead. The workshop is free.