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The information system made specifically for you and your city.
Information when and wherever you need it.

blukii Info App

The ultimate information collector:
Beneficial information at the right time and location.

Frontalaufnahme von zwei iPhones mit der blukii Info App und verschiedenen Features
Kommunikationstechnologien die von der blukii Info App verarbeitet werden können: Bluetooth Low Energy, NFC, QR- & Barcodes

Do you need more information in a specific situation?

Are you confused about products in a supermarket? Do you need more information?
Do you want the latest offers or vouchers to directly appear on your smartphone while shopping?

Wouldn’t you like to receive information about attractions in your language when you are doing some sightseeing, visiting a zoo or exploring a museum?
That’s no big deal with the blukii Info app – your ultimate information gatherer.

The blukii Info App introduces some order in the growing information chaos and provides you with the right information in the respective situation.

blukii Info is a universal information system that is independent from cities, businesses and organizations and can be used nationwide as soon as the required infrastructure is available.  This network of information and content is constantly growing as it can be created by info providers all over the country. The more info provider participate the more information will be available.

How to use the blukii Info app in 3 steps

Schritt 1 von 3 zur Nutzung der blukii Info App: blukii Info im PlayStore oder App Store herunterladen.

Download the app

Schritt 2 von 3 zur Nutzung der blukii Info App: Starten Sie die App und erkunden Sie Orte an denen die blukii Info App verwendet wird. Im Beispiel hier im Museum.


Schritt 3 von 3 zur Nutzung der blukii Info App: Empfangen Sie passende Informationen zur richtigen Zeit am richtigen Ort mit der blukii Info App. Hier im Beispiel extra Informationen zu einem Exponat.

Enjoy content

blukii Info App use cases 

What does the blukii Info App scan for 
and how to do it?

It is pretty easy to receive location based information with the blukii Info App.

A fundamental prerequisite is that the blukii Info Structure (Beacons, NFC, QR- & Barcodes) is available. The blukii Info Structure is set up by the information providers (i.e municipalities, retailers, tourism offices, museums, clubs, etc.). They are also responsible for the location based content.

 The blukii Info App is able to scan the following technologies and display the linked information:

Bluetooth Logo um zu zeigen mit welcher Technologie Beacons funktionieren


Unser Standard-Beacon des blukii Info Systems

Receive information automatically on your smart phone

Beacons are one of the latest trends – your smart phone is scanning for them in the background and provides you with their content as a notification or within the blukii Info App.

All what you have to do is to turn on Bluetooth and enter an area with a beacon.
Don’t worry; your battery won’t die faster as we are only making use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

NFC Logo um zu zeigen mit welcher Technologie unsere Tags funktionieren

just touch

Zwei NFC Karten im Visitenkartenformat mit blukii Info Design

Receive information by touching a blukii NFC tag with your smart phone

The NFC module (Tag or Card) gets activated by getting closer with your smart device. When the smart device is within the range of the tag the content will be displayed.

1.) Activate NFC in the settings of your Android smart phone.*

2.) Get in range (a few cm) of the blukii NFC module with your smart device

3.) The information will be displayed

*Apple only supports NFC since iPhone 7 or higher with iOS11 and an respective app (blukii Info). All older versions can scan the QR-Code and receive the same content.

Barcode um  zu zeigen dass die blukii Info App auch Codes scannen kann.

BAR- and QR-Codes
just scan

Codes die mit der blukii Info App gescannt werden können.

Receive information by scanning the codes with your smart phone.

The blukii Info App scans all bar- and QR codes and shows the respective link.

Codes that are registered with blukii show individually linked content of the producers:

I.e.: Scan any pen of Schneider Schreibgeräte GmbH and get redirected to the respective product website.

Please contact us if you would like to register your bar codes.